Virtual Reality can be enjoyed in many forms in 2280. One can use archaic eye phones from the previous century or the latest in direct neural interface technology to delve into any number of virtual worlds. The Net is the largest facilitator of virtual interaction. Numerous service providers offer their customers customizable, immersive environments, sophisticated gaming experiences, and massive online communities. In fact, many people have become so immersed that they essentially forfeit their real world lives in favour of a virtual one.

For those with a Netwire-enabled Tap, the experience of VR is almost indistinguishable from the real world. Digital signals from the Net are sent directly through the Tap to the user’s brain, where they are processed. Likewise, signals from the user’s brain are returned to the Net, enabling the individual to experience and interact with the virtual world of the Net as though it were real.

Of course, the Net is distinguishable from the real world. Navigating the Net with a Tap is really no different than navigating it with a wearable display and data terminal, except displays are not required, as visual data is simply seen, and all interaction is performed by thought alone. The only exceptions are Virtual Net Worlds, which are elaborately designed artificial spaces - usually games - that reside on the Net. These parts of the Net are often indistinguishable from the real world when experienced using a Tap (3.4.8).