Among the New World’s most ambitious and successful innovators is Vendark industries, which began as a nanotechnology research and engineering firm in 2009, but now is comprised of a family of corporations that span numerous city-states. Although their exploits and range of businesses has expanded dramatically since their early days, Vendark left an indelible mark on the New World with two specific technologies: Polython 4 and VenSteel. Polython 4 is a form of what was once called liquid armour or shear thickening fluid, engineered to remain lightweight and flexible until it absorbs impact and becomes temporarily rigid. VenSteel is another marvel of Vendark’s engineering prowess, a liquid which immediately becomes solid when triggered by an appropriate electrical impulse. Both materials have become staples in 2280’s engineering and construction fields (3.8.1).

Vendark Laser Detection Goggles

With Vendark Laser Detection Goggles, you will never be caught off guard by laser surveillance systems. Laser Detection Goggles enable users to view otherwise invisible or difficult-to-detect lasers.

Vendark Neoplast 80 Sniper Suit

When worn, the Neoplast 80 appears to be little more than a simple black jump-suit. On the waist is a small power pack, capable of powering the fabric for 24 hours without a recharge. The activation switch can be located anywhere the wearer wants.

The Neoplast 80 is made of Vendark's own proprietary Neoplast plastic fabric, a reactive material that looks like black cotton until activated, when it immediately adopts the characteristics of whatever it touches, changing colour, texture, and density in a split second.

The Neoplast 80 can be worn over any light armour, but offers no protection.

Vendark Tracker - Mini

With Vendark Mini Trackers, you can know where your target is from across town or from across the Wilds.

Every Vendark Mini Tracker works seamlessly and securely with any Vendark Tracker Receiver unit. Like all Vendark Trackers, the Ultra-Mini easily syncs with your Tracker Receiver, automatically creating a secure channel.

Mini Trackers can be placed on vehicles, people, and creatures - just about anywhere.

Vendark Handheld Tracker Receiver TR-90

The Vendark Handheld Tracker Receiver TR-90 can be sued to receive and visualise the signal from most modern tracking devices. If you are without a P-Comm, it can also be used to receive geo-tag alerts. The TR-90 comes complete with Net access and continually downloads the latest available satellite imagery and mapping information. The TR-90 also connects to municipal Comp-grids, attempting to download all available building plans, blueprints, maps, etc. for nearby structures. The TR-90 can also be configured to enter promiscuous mode, during which it will continuously scan the air for unsecured signals.

A handheld tracker receiver provides a detailed map of the vicinity as well as precise geo-location data from the user's trackers.

Hyper-specific maps, including building blueprints, utility tunnels, sewer systems etc. might also be available, depending on the location (9.3.2).