The Wielding Cosmology is a relatively simple model originally developed by Wielder and Wielding researcher, Sergius Wanderlay, to assist those gifted enough to tap into the energies of Wielding. The Cosmology has changed little since Wanderlay's early writing in 2199.


The Source Plane of the Wielding Cosmology contains the sources of a Wielder's power. There are six Sources each representing one of the fundamental energies Wielders use to create Effects.

Think of Sources as clay, raw material ready to be shaped by the creative mind of a Wielder, reigned in and directed through dedication to the art of Wielding.

Although many Sources can be used to achieve a similar Effect in terms of their results, the differences are most notable in two ways: potential resistances of the target and the description of how the Effects are brought to fruition.

For example, a Wielder can draw upon the Void Source to create a blast of Void energy directed at an enemy. If the enemy is wearing specialised armour that offers protection to the dark energies of the Void, the Effect will be diminished. Seeing this, the Wielder can switch and draw upon the Elemental Source to create a blast of fire which cannot be resisted by the target's special armour (6.10.2).

The Source used in a Wielding attempt is the fuel that powers the Effect. It is the clay shaped by the Intention of the Effect. There are six Wielding Sources: Elemental, Energy, Void, Being, Alpha, and Omega (7.14.1).


The Intention plane of the Wielding Cosmology describes the purposes to which a Wielder can bend a chosen Source. Intentions shape Sources to create Wielding Effects.

There are four Intention Realms, each containing four distinct Intentions (6.10.2).

Once Wielders understand the Source of their power, they must use Intentions to develop it into something worthwhile. intentions shape Sources into Effects, generally targeting a specific game element to modify its statistics or parameters.

There are four Intention Realms, each containing four specific Intentions. Not all Intentions are compatible with all Sources. This forces Wielders to choose their path of learning and development carefully (7.14.2).