Becoming a Spiritual Wielder is a calling heard and answered by very few beings. Those who hear that call through the steadfast dedication to their faith are known as The Devout. Those that have that call unexpectedly thrust upon them are called The Chosen, who tend to be the furthest from dedicated to any faith.

Spiritualist Wielders draw their power from one of two possible Sources: Alpha or Omega.

Of course, there are many Wielders who do indeed choose sides - good or evil. These men and women walk a dangerous path through treacherous territory. There are rumours of Wielders consumed by the energy of Spiritual Sources. None of these stories have been substantiated, and the Wielding Commission dismisses them as the superstitious ramblings of the uneducated (3.7.3).

Spiritual Wielders are a specialised breed of Wielder. They can draw directly on the energies of either Alpha or Omega as a Source and combine it with any Intention to create a specialised type of Effect known as a Spiritual Effect. Spiritual Effects are only effective against spiritual entities or creatures and have no effect on physical creatures or beings (6.10).