An alien species embroiled in an ancient war with the Ophanum. It is a war that predates humanity - its combatants seemingly immortal - returning to Earth every 10,000 years to continue their epic struggle. Those native to Earth do not know the truth of the war’s origins or the reasons for their planet’s pivotal role. Rumours abound that the Seraph and Ophanum once shared the same home world, but an unforgivable transgression was committed by the Ophanum, resulting in banishment from their homeworld. It is unknown by those native to Earth why their planet is the battleground upon which the Seraph and Ophanum satisfy their need to shed each other’s blood to avenge their past.

Ancient humans bore witness to the clash between Seraph and Ophanum forces, with each visit they left behind a small number of operatives to serve as spies and make preparations for the next war (3).

Extract from The Wheel and Other Stories: “…in the millennium to come, the skies were pierced by the gleaming towers of man, filled as London and Paris, with the movements of men, women and children. And the gods saw these marvels and knew their children may one day surpass them, but they knew their children well and knew their wars would destroy them. And the gods knew that Earth would be cast again from the red glow before they could return, and that this new world would be as it was when the gods had first walked upon it when their children were too few and scattered to know the gods were among them.

“…and it was that at the passing of many thousand years, the first of the gods would return to the world, and the gods were of two forms, those who sprang from the skies in a beam of light, and those who appeared from the earth in a torrent of fire. The gods made their way to the cities and towers of men and women and sat as kings and as monsters upon their announcing, and said that they were at war and that their war would not be with the men and women but with each other and that they would be upon the earth as they had been before and that they were pleased to be upon the earth once again.

“…the men and women joined the gods in their war with each other and were as allies with their gods who had sought their aid, for the gods knew and saw that their children were powerful in their towers and their cities, and that the Dark Ones and the Remade and the Machines were powerful as well and that they may also join with the gods in their war. And the war of the gods would be upon the earth for many years” (2).

In 2099, mysterious individual named Van Mantra began to appear in the media. He claimed the arrival of two ancient warring species, the Seraph and Ophanum, was imminent. Referring to these two species as the Elim, he claimed that Earth has been their battleground for millennia. Precise cosmic alignments, he explained, enable the Elim to travel to Earth. Van went on to suggest the Elim would be surprised by the progress humanity had made since their last war and that humans must organise in defence of their world (3).

The term “Elim” is commonly used by the Seraph and Ophanum to refer to one another respectfully. It is considered a neutral title, suggesting one’s equal  (3.1).

The Seraph and Ophanum sit atop the hierarchy of Being as the oldest, most advanced, and most powerful of the known species. Their culture, science, and technology are far beyond the wildest dreams of Earth’s greatest thinkers (3.6.3).

In 2280 the reconnaissance screens for both the Seraph and Ophanum armies have arrived on Earth. The several hundred members of each advance force were greeted by those Malak who remained loyal. News of the development of the Terran species has been met with surprise and concern by Seraph and Ophanum commanders. Both Evolutionary species recognise the dangers to their ongoing war posed by divergent evolutionary paths the Human species has taken in the last 10,000 years. In addition, Human science and technology have advanced at a rate Seraph and Ophanum intelligence operatives and anthropologists had not predicted. Fighting the next Evolutionary war will require preparation and caution. Both the Seraph and Ophanum will need allies amongst the Terran species, and will need to find ways to prevent them from uniting against the off-world armies.

The reconnaissance troops have tasks to complete; they must establish a base of operations, define the capabilities of the Terran species, and establish relations or destroy those Evolutionaries who possess influence or power in Terran communities across the globe.

By 2283, the main bodies of the Seraph and Ophanum Expeditionary Forces - legions led by experienced generals and accompanied by masses of Grigori Wielders and warriors - will arrive on Earth, tens of thousands of Evolutionaries thirsting for the blood of their most hated enemies (3.9).

Seraph blood is ivory in colour (5.1.12).