Sao Paulo shares much in common with Greater Mexico City. Having survived the last 250 years relatively unscathed - aside from the occasional earthquake and meteor impact - it has become a huge urban sprawl, home to tens of millions.

Sao Paulo’s coastal location makes it a shipping hub for the Southern hemisphere, although the waters nearby are frequented by pirates and prone to dangerous storms.

Sao Paulo is also home to the Rictor Beniton Research Centre, once home to Dr. Rictor Beniton, creator of the Mesh procedure and one of 2280’s leading genetic research firms. The Centre has become the heart of Sao Paulo university and a hotbed for both pioneering research and violent protest. The Centre has been targeted numerous times by radical anti-genetic-research activists who bombed the building twice and attacked several scientists and students. Over the last few years, security around the centre has become almost impenetrable, as the city has worked to solidify its position as a global centre for cutting edge genetic research and engineering.


Sao Paulo’s population has exploded from a meagre 11 million at the beginning of the 21st century to more than 50 million in 2280. The city is known for its vibrant culture and eclectic blend of people from around the world.

Citizenship is granted to applicants after they live and work in the city for three years, and pass an extensive medical examination.

Government and Travel Controls

Sao Paulo is a well-developed democracy, complete with numerous political parties and competing interests in almost every aspect of business, politics and culture. The city is governed by a House of Representatives, which is led by the leader of the governing party.

Travel in and out of the city is carefully controlled by layers of defensive positions and border control points. Security is tight, and import/export regulations have been strictly enforced since 2273, when the city was targeted in a series of biological weapon attacks by anti-genetic research activists.


Sao Paulo maintains a large military and several internal security forces. The vast majority of the city’s military and security efforts are devoted to access and border controls, making it one of the most tightly controlled conventional cities in 2280 (4.2.5).