Sanctuarium is the capital city of the Necrosi. Located in the Badlands of the former state of South Dakota, it was built around a former mountain-top sanitarium. When compared to most arcologies from the exterior, Sanctuarium appears diminutive; the peak of its central tower stands only 300m (984.2 ft) tall, jutting out from the mountain like a black, clawed finger. Its appearance is jagged and gothic, with large statues of gargoyles, dragons, and other intimidating creatures adorning the exterior surfaces.

Under the old sanitarium, beneath the mountain, the majesty of Sanctuarium is much more apparent. It is a massive underground metropolis, reaching far into the depths as far as 2 km (1.2 mi). Although it is home to almost five million Nerosi, Sanctuarium is a poorly-lit and eerily quiet city. The majority of residential areas are located around a massive conical, central courtyard that spans 1 km (0.6 mi) at its base and about as high. This courtyard contains various churches and places of worship, the Wielding academy, central government facilities, and an underground river that supplies much of the city’s fresh water. The remainder of residences are located around the courtyard, affixed to the structural supports of the city and connected through a massive network of tunnels.


Within the walls of Sanctuarium, Necrosi are free to practice any religion, provided it does not interfere with the life, privacy, or well-being of any other Necrosi. They may share their faith with those who choose to listen. However, they are not allowed to judge or make any statements pertaining to the validity of anyone else’s beliefs.

Government and Travel Controls

Sanctuarium is a limited monarchy. The city is ruled by Mihai Lucescu, the seemingly immortal founder of the city who supervised its construction and had a strong hand developing Necrosi culture.

The population of Sanctuarium established a code of living that focuses on the respect and betterment of one’s brothers. A constitution was created to guide their behaviour, and anyone breaking this code is publicly executed. These executions are slow, and extremely painful; the screams are shared with the community so the masses learn from the mistakes of the few.

Each sector of the city has an elected official, who represents the residential area in the Foci. The Foci is the governmental body that brings forth the concerns of the population to the monarch and oversees day to day administration of Sanctuarium.

Necrosi may leave the city whenever they want. In fact, they are encouraged to explore the world and learn everything they can, reporting back to Sanctuarium as often as possible. All such reports are brought to the attention of Lucescu.


The Necrosi military is comprised of small, tightly-knit Special Forces regiments. They are highly skilled combatants that focus on stealth and infiltration, using surgical strikes and the element of surprise to offset technological disadvantages.

The Necrosi Shadows are the elite assassins of the Necrosi military, used to neutralise key members of any adversary’s leadership. In addition to the Shadows, the Necrosi Infiltrators are a military unit of extremely proficient saboteurs an spies, often prepositioned to inflict the greatest amount of damage on an enemy’s civil and military infrastructure. Theoretically, the Necrosi would rely heavily on their Wielders to provide large scale protection and destruction were a major military engagement to occur.

In academic and military circles, it is well-known that the Necrosi have delved deep into the dark corners of Wielding, experimenting with all manner of sinister forces. Some claim that the Necrosi have the ability to summon otherworldly creatures of incredible power. The truth behind these claims is unknown, as is the effect these creatures could have during a military engagement (4.1.5).