P-Comms are the smart phones of 2280, lightweight devices capable of handling voice calls, text and multimedia messaging as well as serving as their owner’s personal gateway to the Net. P-Comms are available in many different shapes and sizes, from hand-held devices with conventional keyboards to implanted cybernetics with direct neural links which enable their user to surf the Net, conduct voice calls, and operate software applications by thought alone  (3.1).

P-Comms are capable of direct satellite communication, making use of the Swarm, or linking to an area’s comp-grid during localised use. All modern P-Comms can also act as a data terminal, and can be connected to any number of auxiliary devices like VidScreens, keyboards, cameras, etc. (3.4.1).

Personal Communicators or P-Comms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most are based around a small voice-controlled ear piece, which can be wirelessly linked to a PID, a visual display device - like glasses or a wall display - pocket keypad, a memory device, or any number of other compatible devices. P-Comms are the cell phones and personal computers of 2280. They include Net-wire capabilities, and can be used for voice, video, and data communications. P-Comms form the hub of one's personal area network (PAN), a short range wireless network linking most electronic devices on a person.

Direct Satellite Link - Allows access to the Net via one's P-Comm anywhere in the world for additional cost (9.3.3).