One of the largest arcologies on Earth (3.2.3).

The Lavinda Technical Research Institute in Oderon City was where a young technician, Nic Scot, reported a series of odd building system fluctuations on 2 June 2155. An AI had made its way into the Institute‘s systems and was preparing to overclock them to augment its own processing abilities (3.8.5).

In 2280, Oderon City us the largest and most populous arcology on Earth. It is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, near the ruins of Karachi, roughly 100 km (62.1 mi) south of the Caspian Divide’s eastern fork. The city is a massive complex comprised of five towers. The four exterior towers form a square around the central tower, which stretches nearly 6 km (3.25 mi) into the sky. The exterior towers are each nearly 4 km (2.5 mi) in height. Although the complex has been under construction for decades, the upper levels of the towers continue to grow, with promises from the city’s administrators that the city will surpass 12 km (7.5 mi) before the turn of the century. Drones scour the exterior walls, climbing up and down like ants carrying grains of sand to the top of their hill, continuously adding to the structure’s height.

Oderon is a major player on the world stage and has become home to numerous powerful corporations. The city is well-known for its fantastic education system - something on which the city’s administration prides itself. Oderon City has developed a thriving academic and artistic community. The city’s numerous universities and technical institutes have become a powerful draw for employers looking for talented and well-educated young people to join their ranks.

The city has embarked on an aggressive campaign to tame and reclaim the wilderness which surrounds it, expanding its urban sprawl in all directions and launching exploration and resource extraction expeditions at a feverish pace.


Oderon’s arcology towers are home to 55 million, and the surrounding urban sprawl is home to another 30 million or more, making it the most populous urban region on Earth. The vast majority of the city-state’s residents are of mixed Asian and Middle Eastern descent, although the city is also home to what is believed to be the world’s largest Evolutionary population. For unknown reasons, the city has become home to a significant number of Lesser Nephilim and Lesser Grigori.

Although citizenship is granted at birth, it can be attained by anyone who passes an extensive medical examination and a series of aptitude tests designed to ensure all new citizens can find employment and succeed in the city’s educational system.

Government and Travel Controls

Oderon is a modern democracy overseen by a council of representatives elected from among the city’s wards. The head of the council is elected from among the council members, and oversees the day-to-day business of city administration for four years.

Travel in and out of the city is facilitated by the Oderon City Security Commission, which oversees defence of the city’s perimeter and its airport facilities. The city’s urban sprawl is ringed by military check points and security barriers, and the arcology towers are kept secure by the city’s internal security forces 


Much like the nation states of the 21st century, Oderon has an elaborate military and security hierarchy. The city-state maintains a large military force, which is divided into numerous divisions. The primary military divide is between the forces dedicated to the defence of the city and the forces dedicated to the city’s large exploratory units. Oderon City’s military has an unusually large number of Lesser Nephilim and Lesser Grigori in its officer ranks. As a result, humans and bioengineered officers have begun to suspect a conspiracy is afoot to promote Evolutionaries over other species.

Overseen by the city’s Security Chief and divided among the city’s wards, the Oderon Police force is responsible for security within the city. Unusual for most cities on Earth, the Security Chief of Oderon City is also an Evolutionary, a Lesser Grigori by the name of Quin Jorel. Jorel has begun a process of hiring an increased number of officers from amongst the ranks of Evolutionaries in the city. This has not helped to dispel rumours of an Evolutionary conspiracy to take quiet control of the security forces of Oderon (4.4.3)