Old New York is one of the largest conventional cities (3.2.1). In 2280, the city of New York is comprised of two communities, Old New York and Under York. Old New York is a conventional city built upon, around, and within the ruins of New York City, which was largely destroyed in 2062. Under York is a massive underground community built inside the subway and utility tunnels beneath the city.

Old New York is a sprawling, conventional, but fiercely-defended city. It is one of many conventional cities built on the ruins and rubble of its 21st century glory. Of course, the city is significantly smaller, both in size and population, than it was in the 21st century. However, the last 200 years have witnessed a remarkable return to growth, and the city is once again a hub of trade, business, and manufacturing for the Northeast.

Security in the city is concentrated within the walled factional compounds of each of the five boroughs. These boroughs are walled off, each with modern and well-equipped security forces. Between these walled enclaves, private security forces. Between these walled enclaves, private security forces, hired guns, and the Syndicates keep the remainder of the ruins pacified - for fun or profit, depending on the case. This includes hunting down dangerous predators that wander in from the wilderness and containing eruptions of violence from the dark world of Under York.

The City’s operations are overseen by several cooperative committees, each elected within a particular borough. However, Old New York also has several non-elected factions, primarily criminal Syndicates, competing for control of the city. Although violence between factions is common on the outskirts and in ruined areas of the city, all have agreed to an uneasy truce in areas home to civilians.

Under York is a hub for outcasts, criminals, and those unable - or unwilling - to make a life for themselves in the city above-ground. It is completely lawless and has become home to numerous violent gangs battling for control of a vibrant trade in vices of every sort.

The largest and most powerful gangs have deep links to the Syndicates. Many of the Syndicates have become extremely interested in Under York’s hidden maze of massive tunnels and proximity to the region’s ports. Under York has become a haven for smugglers, slave traders, drug producers, and every other conceivable underworld dweller.

In the eyes of the city above, Under York is a giant, dangerous pariah which must be held at bay. Numerous community and security organisations in Old New York have unsuccessfully attempted to police the city below. If there is one thing that unites the usually warring gangs of under York, it is the interjection of security forces from the city above (4.1.4).


Old New York and Under York are home to diverse populations. Estimates put Old New York’s population between five and six million, although numerous transient elements are difficult to take into account. Although Under York’s population has never been properly measured, it is safe to say it is home to several hundred thousand. 

Government and Travel Controls

Old New York’s government operates very much as it always has. Numerous elected committees govern the administration of the city and each borough has an elected mayor who oversees the various committees. Neither Old New York nor Under York has consistent travel controls. Old New York issues formal citizenship to people born within the city and to those who pay the annual 10,000T citizenship dues. Under York does not even issue or monitor citizenship at all.


All of Old New York’s boroughs, and some of its walled communities, have security forces of varying sophistication, each contributing resources to the larger city defence force (4.1.4).