The Nephilim are the result of both natural and unnatural breeding between any of the Terran Species, and a Seraph or Ophanum.

Although the physical appearance of a Nephilim is not as other-worldly as their Seraph or Ophanum parentage, they have at least one, if not several, visible signs of their heritage. These traits can include glowing eyes, tinged skin colour, wings, horns, or a lack of hair. Additionally average Nephilim are usually extremely tall, averaging 2.4 m (8 ft) in height. Most Nephilim are the biological off-spring of either Seraph or Ophanum and Human parents. However, other Terran parents are possible.

When a Seraph or Ophanum falls in battle or is captured alive, the body is usually whisked away to secure laboratories, where it is studied in great detail. Furthermore, genetic material is extracted for experimentation. To date, the Bio-Engineering of Nephilim has failed, but research continues to be undertaken by numerous syndicates and corporations. Competition and bloodletting over Nephilim, Seraph, and Ophanum genetic material remains high and huge bounties are often paid out to mercenaries who can secure plentiful supplies of Evolutionary genetic material.

History Edit

Throughout history, some Seraph and Ophanum have disobeyed orders and been willing to engage humans, occasionally establishing relationships that have produced off-spring. Over the millennia, a handful of Seraph and Ophanum have assumed god-like status among ancient peoples, becoming objects of worship. Some became attracted to humans and tried to form loving relationships, and others created relationships for much more self-serving purposes, using their power to draw humans into servitude.

Nephilim have been spawned since the earliest days of interaction between Seraph, Ophanum and humans. Human history is riddled with legends and gods walking amongst us, whether these characters were Nephilim will most likely never be known.

Culture Edit

Nephilim culture is a great mystery. Although their roots on Earth are extremely deep, they rarely assembled in groups of their own, instead remaining with, or at least close to, their Terran parents.

Through the ages, Nephilim played important roles in the development of human culture around the globe. However, the extent of this role is shrouded by a veil of myth and mystery.

Integration Edit

Nephilim face two challenges in the New World; on one hand, they have a very real human side and fit in well with human groups, making them weak in the eyes of many Seraph, Ophanum, and Grigori; on the other hand, they are one-half derived from the most powerful and advanced species ever known, presenting difficulties when trying to integrate with human society.

Like all other Evolutionaries, Nephilim who want to be part of the human world must find a way to overcome or mask their non-human heritage or make themselves extremely useful. Fortunately, Nephilim are blessed with incredible innate gifts, from fantastic strength to devilish charm, all of which goes a long way when finding or making one's place in any society.