Max-plex was the world's first successful arcology project. Developed as an experiment in "insurgency proof" communities, several corporations worked together to create Max-plex in California in 2035.

Max-plex was composed of three massive towers, 500m (546.8 yd) in diameter; each reached an astonishing 1.1 km (0.7 mi) into the sky. The towers were linked at several points by crisscrossing bridges, through which monorails travelled. A network of high-speed elevators carried people up and down the structure. The city quickly became home to 950,000 people. Dozens of suburbs, commercial districts, and parks sprang up around the base of the towers. Plans for expansion were put into action almost immediately after completion, as hundreds of thousands flocked to the corporate city to be part of the new phenomenon. It did not take long for other corporations to notice the incredible influx of human capital to Max-plex and begin plans for their own city complexes. The rise of the city-states was underway, and before too long, the arcology towers disappeared into the clouds.

More than 200 years after its construction, the urban area surrounding Max-plex has itself grown into a massive city and is protected by a sophisticated wall. Max-plex is the smallest arcology on Earth, and is now considered by many to be little more than a large building inside a walled city.