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In 2280, Los Angeles remains a major urban centre and a significant component of the California coast’s burgeoning population. However, Los Angeles suffered greatly during Mother Nature’s Revenge, leaving a significant portion of the city flooded, in ruins and temporarily uninhabitable. In spite of this devastation, the city has persevered to become one of the largest urban centres in 2280. It is also home to the Eden Corporate Arcology.

Los Angeles continues to be a centre of entertainment. It is home to several VidNet production companies as well as an array of Virtual Net World firms. It is also home to Old America, a huge theme park designed to reproduce the world of the 20th and 21st centuries. However, the park is not known for its historical accuracy - Wild West ghost towns are right next to genetically reproduced dolphins in water shows - but brings much enjoyment to its visitors. The creators of Old America pay travellers well for rare or unusual examples of 20th and 21st century popular culture, from comic books to motion picture film. The management of Old America asks no questions and pays better than most antiquity dealers on the Coast. On rare occasions where large stashes of pop culture paraphernalia have been discovered in the ruins of the old world, retrieval teams have been hired to secure the stash and return it to Los Angeles. 

People Edit

The Los Angeles area alone is home to an estimated 50 million people. The area saw significant growth late in the 21st century, as millions poured into the area from all across the continent.

It continues to attract countless new citizens. Nonetheless, a growing number of citizens are leaving the metropolitan area to repopulate, explore, and hopefully find renewed wealth in central North America.

Government and Travel Controls Edit

Los Angeles is a sprawling urban hub with numerous suburbs. The communities are largely open, the only exceptions being a few small gated communities with private security forces. The city issues formal citizenship to all permanent residents who pass an intensive medical screening processes, provide proof of residence within the city, and pay their annual citizenship tax. Proof of citizenship is carried within an embedded PID issued to all citizens. Although travel in and out of Los Angeles is largely unrestricted, all major roadways have formal checkpoints maintained by the city’s security force.

Military Edit

Los Angeles has a large security force with thousands of officers, and is considered one of the best trained and well-maintained forces in all of North American city-states. Los Angeles is also home to Mantis Technologies, an up-and-coming personal weapons producer whose largest customer is the city itself.