Lesser Neph

Lesser Nephilim are the offspring of Nephilim and any other intelligent species native to Earth. The most common hybrid is Nephilim and human, although Necrosi, Remnant, and Bio-Engineered blends are becoming more common.

Their wide variety in terms of genetic composition makes the Lesser Nephilim the most diverse species in the New World. Their genetic ancestry can be visible in their appearance; however, when their human genes are dominant, physical indications of their bloodline are difficult to detect without close inspection.

Due to their incredible diversity, Lesser Nephilim tend to dabble in many different areas, making them proficient in a variety of skills and abilities, but experts in none.

History Edit

Lesser Nephilim have existed on Earth for thousands of years. The first Lesser Nephilim came into being very shortly after the first Nephilim.

The history of Lesser Nephilim is intertwined with the history of the Nephilim and their role in the world of humans. Like many other Evolutionary species, Lesser Nephilim are the subject of great debate and speculation.

Culture Edit

Over the ages, Lesser Nephilim were widely accepted into human societies; their culture is that of their human parent. In very rare circumstances, Lesser Nephilim abandoned their human heritage to pursue some measure of Evolutionary culture, most often in the company of other Evolutionaries choosing exile over the human world.

Integration Edit

Lesser Nephilim integrated themselves very easily into modern society, largely avoiding the periodic scorn and persecution that others with more unusual appearances faced.

Many Lesser Nephilim relish their status as something more than human, but not overly Evolutionary, and become successful in whatever field they choose. In fact, many of the New World's most popular celebrities and athletes are Lesser Nephilim, including the current Strata champion, Lothan Hunt.