Lesser Grigori

Lesser Grigori are the offspring of a Grigori and any intelligent species native to Earth. Their extremely diverse and sometimes quite extreme appearances reflect the engineering of their Grigori parent and the bloodline of their earthly parentage.

Whether because of their immense or diminutive size or the look and feel of their skin, Lesser Grigori are easy to spot in a crowd, though they are often mistaken for pure Grigori. It is possible for them to blend in if their Grigori parent was relatively human-like, but this is the exception not the norm; most Lesser Grigori cannot mask their heritage.

The earthly ancestry of a Lesser Grigori compensates for the often low Intelligence and limited adaptability of their Grigori parent. Lesser Grigori can learn Skills at a normal rate, but are unable to learn the complexities of Arcane Wielding.

History Edit

Lesser Grigori have a fairly long history on Earth, going back several thousand years. Since the first Grigori chose to embrace life among humans on Earth, Lesser Grigori have made their way in the world.

Throughout history, a few Lesser Grigori rose to positions of prominence or achieved renown for undertaking fantastic adventures. However, like most other Evolutionary species, the history of Lesser Grigori is often clouded by the fog of the ages, making the truth impossible to discern.

Culture Edit

Taking the lead from their Grigori parent, most Lesser Grigori embraced human culture, regardless of the era. Of course, becoming a part of a culture requires integration, and not all Lesser Grigori were accepted.

For outcasts, life and culture have taken countless forms. Some simply relocated in an attempt to join new groups of humans and other Evolutionaries. Others accepted life alone in exile.

Integration Edit

Like Grigori before them, integrating with the human world is difficult for Lesser Grigori. Appearance can be the single greatest obstacle faced by a Lesser Grigori. If the appearance of the Grigori parent is not too bizarre, the Lesser Grigori is likely to be accepted by the human world. Otherwise, integration comes at a price.

Some Lesser Grigori have used their innate gifts, such as size, strength, or Wielding abilities to find themselves a place in the modern world. Others have forced their way in, especially outside the cities, where they frequently dominate less powerful species. Every Lesser Grigori has a different experience when it comes to becoming part of the modern world.