Humans are still the dominant and most abundant intelligent species on Earth. Ancestry and ethnic background are less important in 2280 than they were in the 21st century. Mixed and remixed races are the norm, as are parents with numerous genetic modifications, some of which have crept into their bloodline. Humans remain as diverse in appearance as they are in their mannerisms and behaviour. The only noticeable difference is a slight increase in average height over the last 260 years.

Ethnic diversity among humans is rarely an issue, with racism shifting toward a hatred of other species. Although many other species are blessed with higher natural aptitudes, humans are among the most adaptable and innovative species on Earth. Furthermore, humans are unmatched in their ability to master and employ Skills, and suffer very few drawbacks.

Most humans are genuinely good people, hard-working, and honest. In almost every instance, humans would choose community over exile, no matter how awkward or limited they might consider themselves socially. However, as always, there are antisocial, cheating, conniving wretches that would kill their own families for the right price.

History Edit

The history of the modern world is really the history of humans. They suffered the greatest losses as the world fell into chaos and destruction. Of course, humans were to blame for much of the devastation. Suffering through it all, humans reemerged and established city-states, and have begun the long and difficult process of reclaiming the world.

Archives show that the human population was estimated at seven and a half billion in 2050, but recent estimates, the accuracy of which is questionable, indicate that the number of humans alive in 2280 is no more than four billion.

Culture Edit

Ambitious, disciplined humans can reach the highest levels of Skill in any field they choose. Human endeavour and achievement have never reached loftier heights than in the world of Alpha Omega; organised, motivated humans are a force to be reckoned with. In fact, humans can be found at the heart of almost every great community in 2280, as leaders, organisers, and architects of order.

The past two centuries have been difficult for most humans. Their world fell apart and they were forced to rebuild. In some areas, their entire lives were reduced to rubble, forcing them to start from scratch. The effect of devastated international trade and communication were certainly felt all over the world. For nearly two centuries, many groups lived in near total isolation. Cultural pursuits were set aside to focus on survival. Thankfully, for most, forced isolation ended decades ago and the remixing of human society and culture is underway.

Many areas which were once extremely diverse and eclectic blends of culture and ethnicity have become amalgamated. In other regions - particularly those that were comprised of a high percentage of one particular ethnicity - customs and beliefs of the old world have remained strong. Many families and small pockets of very isolated groups have maintained much more of their heritage than the average human from an arcology or large city.

Integration Edit

Humans dominate most communities, and have few problems integrating - at least with the culture in which they were born. Other species face a constant pressure to integrate into human society. In essence, in most parts of the world, humans dictate culture and social order. With the exception of very isolated or species-specific societies, humans generally provide the backbone for most communities.