Hong Kong

Hong Kong is now one of the largest conventional cities on Earth. The city is a world leader in numerous high technology fields, particularly artificial intelligence and software. It is home to Niaming Technologies, the world’s foremost producer of biological computer systems, including cutting-edge systems used in many of the latest free-floating AI models.

Hong Kong is known for its particularly violent underworld, which is closely entwined with that of Divinus. This underworld has seen the assassination of a number of mid-level crime bosses and gang leaders in the past several months, causing paranoia and suspicion amongst the criminal classes. Rumours have begun circulating that much of the violence is sponsored by freelance teams of assassins hired by the security forces of Divinus and Hong Kong to prevent underworld leaders from becoming a threat to legitimate governments of both cities.

History Edit

Hong Kong has endured significant damage, beginning with attacks in 2060. Decades later, it was hit by several small meteors, adding to the destruction. Undeterred, the city pushed on and continued to thrive. In 2063, with the People’s Republic of China unraveling alongside the world’s other major nation states, Hong Kong declared itself an independent state, becoming the first of what would soon be many city states.

Hong Kong has since expanded dramatically. It is also home to Yudon Arena, the second largest Strata arena on Earth. Yudon is located on the southern coast of Hong Kong island and is a marvelous spectacle of statuary, gold leaf and soaring glass windows.

People Edit

Although no formal census has been taken in nearly 200 years, the population of Hong Kong is estimated at more than 70 million. However, the borders of the city-state seem to expand continuously, and it is possible the city may be home to more than 100 million.

Citizenship is only available to those born in Hong Kong, although over the last 20 years it has begun issuing naturalised citizenship status to those who prove they have lived and worked within the city for at least seven years. All citizens are issued with an embedded PID that carries proof of their status.

Government and Travel Controls Edit

Hong Kong is overseen by a House of Representatives elected by its citizens every five years. It is also subdivided into numerous wards, each with its own elected governing council.

Travel in and out of the city is relatively easy given its incredible size and countless access points. Security is tightest at the city’s tow airports and the major gateways to the heart of the city’s largest island.

Military Edit

Hong Kong has a formidable military force and numerous internal security forces. The city’s military is known for its aggressive defence of the frontier areas surrounding it, which are rapidly being developed and inhabited. Hong Kong’s military is also renowned for its sizable navy, which is continuously active in the waters surrounding the city. With the growth of Hong Kong’s underworld and its links to the city’s highest levels of administration, these waters have become a haven for pirates in recent years.