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The Grigori are not only servants of the Seraph and Ophanum on their respective home worlds, but are also their solders and servants on Earth. The Grigori are essentially products of Seraph and Ophanum Bio-Engineering. As such, their appearance is as varied as the tasks for which they were created. Because of the advanced biotechnology used in the construction of the Grigori, their genetic code rejects all organic-based implants and upgrades.

Most Grigori were engineered for one of three purposes: war, labour, or personal service. Some warriors are giant brutes, others are tiny spies. Labourers tend to be large and strong, while service Grigori tend to have the least extreme appearance, some even appearing almost human. Some Grigori also have the ability to State-Shift, enabling them to manipulate an aspect of their physical, emotional, or mental state, and in some cases, the state of those around them. Several large corporations that manufacture Bio-Engineered have begun covertly capturing and studying Grigori, in hopes of incorporating these abilities into their products. None of the experiments have been successful, leading to a sizeable underground market for captured, living Grigori.

History Edit

Most Grigori were created by the Seraph and Ophanum to serve as military assets or servants. As such, the Grigori are formidable on the field of battle, but lack many of the more subtle social graces that require years of integration on Earth to develop.

Over the millennia, between Evolutionary wars on Earth, some Grigori were left behind to serve as scouts and spies. Despite their Bio-Engineered origins, some could not resist the urge to experience the freedoms and opportunities on Earth, ignoring their tasks to integrate themselves into the emerging human world. There are very few accurate records of the Grigori and their exploits on Earth; most stories have been reduced to myth and the oldest Grigori on Earth will likely remain in hiding or serve their creators when they return to Earth.

Culture Edit

Grigori culture is best understood by examining two categories: those who remain loyal to their Ophanum or Seraph creators, and those who abandon their duties to pursue a life on Earth.

For those who remain loyal to their creators, life is devoted to preparation for the next Evolutionary War. They go where preparations take them, dealing only with those important to the preparations. Everything else is insignificant.

For the Grigori who pursue life on Earth, culture is determined by the group(s) of humans with whom they live. Most Grigori living among ancient humans were viewed as either gods or monsters. Modern Grigori are only seen in either of these lights by those people living in the most remote or backwoods Freezone communities. In the cities, Grigori are usually feared for their strength and prowess in combat and their considerable Wielding abilities. Of course, they are often also derided for their lack of socially useful skills. This combination often leads to Grigori being marginalised in most cities where their lack of social graces is mis-perceived as evidence of savagery.

Integration Edit

Because many Grigori look monstrous, they have a difficult time integrating. All in all, any Grigori living in the cities or other communities which have been able integrate have done so because they have made themselves useful, important, or have found a way to attract little attention.