Glow Stone is the colloquial term for meteor debris, usually in the form of fist-sized rocks, often imbued with unusual characteristics or carrying mutagenic viruses. While most “glow stones” do not actually glow, many that did glow were discovered during the years of meteor showers. Since then, meteor debris has become highly prized.

The potentially unstable properties of Glow Stones makes them a dangerous prospect. In 2211, an attack on a convoy travelling in the south-eastern foothills of Senegal drew substantial attention when several containers of unstable meteor debris exploded, unleashing a catastrophic blast that spread lethal radiation across the countryside. The Freezone communities of Nadaji and Safaya were completely obliterated, and tens of thousands were killed. Adding to the media attendion, a female Seraph named Vul was captured with the few survivors by local security forces, with local VidNet reporters in-tow. However, they were held just long enough to escape.

The creation of the Necrosi species is linked to generations of Glow Stone radiation penetrating their homeland of Sanctuarium. The intense desire to establish the properties, or even the origin, of the stones has created an entire network of conflicts to acquire rich finds.