Elemental is one of the Sources which Wielders combine with an Intention to produce an Effect.

The Elemental Source provides fuel for Effects, in the form of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Wielders of the Elemental Source can draw upon and control any of these elements for their Effects.

The intense heat of Fire has great potential for destruction in the form of searing jets, massive fireballs, or cones of flame to engulf enemies. The very Earth beneath one's feet can be propelled to smite an opponent, or made unstable, so that enemies are swallowed whole. The destructive power of Air is evident in the hurricanes and tornadoes that twist their way across land on a regular basis, leaving a trail of destruction. The force of Water can break the foundations of buildings or slam into opponents, pounding life out of them. The rush of a tidal wave or the teeming rain of a hurricane can overwhelm, scatter, disorient, or destroy opposition.

At the hands of a Wielder capable of calling the Elemental Source, these Effects can be achieved instantly. As some creatures and beings are more susceptible to damage from one element over another, an Elemental Wielder can change the elemental Source of their Effects as desired.