Dr. Rictor Beniton was a pioneer in genetic engineering, or 'soft-technology'.

The soft-tech revolution reached extraordinary heights in 2050, when Dr. Rictor Beniton perfected and went public with his Mesh technology, a series of procedures used to re-engineer or replace genetic code in a patient. Mesh effectively enables people to completely transform their physiology in the same way a software developer rewrites code to perform new functions. The possibilities were endless and so were the ramifications. The genetic Pandora’s Box had been opened and there was no way to close it.

Sao Paulo is home to the Rictor Beniton Research Centre one of 2280’s leading genetic research firms. The Centre has become the heart of Sao Paulo university and a hotbed for both pioneering research and violent protest. The Centre has been targeted numerous times by radical anti-genetic-research activists who bombed the building twice and attacked several scientists and students (4.2.5).