Città Santa, also known as the Holy City, rests along the coast of the Red Sea in former Egypt. It is an astonishing mix of cultures, religions, and politics wrapped up in a bubbling cauldron of a city.

Città Santa rests in an area of the world with a history and culture that runs deeper than most. It got its start in 2049 as the Markova Centre, a research centre devoted to the study of religion. While intended to be a place of neutral learning, religious tensions caused frequent flare-ups in violence. As a result the Centre disbanded and reformed countless times until the Dirty Wars took hold.

In the troubled years known as the Lost Wars, the Centre took on a new lease of life as it welcomed and cared for refugees and displaced populations. As the years went by and the centre expanded, communication was re-established with other city-states around the world. Finally it looked like it would achieve its intention to become a global centre for the discussion and collective study of religion, attracting thousands and faculty. During those years, Città Santa  was forced to expand. The former research centre became a full-fledged city and home to more than one million by 2120.

Maintaining peace and order became nearly impossible until finally in 2121 widespread violence swept the city in three days of riots and chaos fueled by intolerance. Thousands were injured and killed as the city’s meagre security force struggled to restore order. As the dust settled, the city’s assembly of representatives rushed to organise a proper security force capable of maintaining order in a city heavy with tension.

Over 150 years later, Città Santa is a full-fledged city-state, recognised (if not necessarily respected) by its peers. At the centre of the city stands Città Santa arcology, a 2 km high (1.2 mi) tower which serves as the home of the city’s most important and wealthy residents as well as much of its commercial enterprise. The city is also one of the world’s most visited states and has developed more than its share of industries and commercial centres.

People Edit

Città Santa is home to seven million permanent residents, with millions more visiting the city each year, occasionally more than doubling the city’s population, depending on the religious significance of the date.

Citizenship in the city is granted to anyone who can pass the required medical exam and swear to the civic oath, requiring commitment to tolerance, an open mind, and respect for all those within the city and their beliefs. However, few can afford housing in the arcology itself. Most of the population has actually taken up residence in the sprawl surrounding the arcology.

Government and Travel Controls Edit

Città Santa is home to the heads of nearly all major world religions. However, the city is actually administered by a democratically elected assembly of representatives.

Travel to and from the city is completely free and open, except for layered security check points leading up to the city, where visitors are searched, questioned, and issued a Temporary Pass (T-Pass) for the duration of their stay.

Military Edit

Città Santa has a significant military force of its own, well-trained and well-equipped. However, its military also receives numerous volunteers and even support from other city-states. While the city itself has never been attacked, the outlying expanse is often the target of terrorists and doomsday cultists (4.3.3).