Asia and Oceania were not spared by the ecological and natural disasters dubbed Mother Nature’s Revenge. Asia’s population, particularly its densely populated cities, suffered tremendous loss. Disease and malnutrition spread quickly - much more quickly than in the West - taking lives faster than even war could. In spite of it all, Asia remains the most populous region on Earth. Most of its population is scattered among the remnants of the region’s 21st century cities. Asteroids peppered Australia, resulting in substantial damage to the interior and Northwest of the country. Nonetheless, Australia and New Zealand escaped the War without, for the most part, nuclear, chemical and biological weapon attacks and the region’s cities bear a close resemblance to those of two centuries previous. Resource extraction is now one of the region’s principle industries. Indonesia was ridden both by political violence and by massive earthquakes, finally erupting into chaos in 2050. The giant archipelago has never recovered. Fierce independence movements have dug in all along the chain. The region is a haven for pirates and other criminals and has never stabilised. Syndicates have formed a shadow government and amassed their own paramilitary forces in an on-going struggle for control.

City-states include: