Headquartered at Loth Foundry, Artificial Intelligence Android Army 12 (AIAA-12) is the mercenary wing of Loth Foundry’s sizable military force. It is also the most feared of all mercenary forces in 2280. Led by Aducssus, a free-floating AI rarely seen outside the Foundry except when personally overseeing the organisation’s most crucial and high-paying assignments, AIAA-12 has garnered a reputation for its incredible feats of battlefield prowess, unmatched coordination, strategy and discipline. Serving only those capable of paying the incredibly high price for their services, AIAA-12 is easily among the most well equipped and battle-hardened forces on Earth.

AIAA-12 is assembled from the Foundry’s most advanced android models, designed and engineered by AI within the Foundry’s dark pyramids to fill very specific roles. Each android is tailor made for a single or small number of duties, ranging from stealthy reconnaissance to heavy combat, for every conceivable battlefield.

AIAA-12 is divided into numerous divisions and operating groups, each assembled to service the needs of one specific customer. AIAA-12’s most frequent customers are city-states and corporations looking to augment their defence or security forces, usually for operations in the Wilds.