Aducssus & Avanna

Aducssus is a fiercely built humanoid AI and field commander of AIAA-12. Although technically genderless, Aducssus is clearly modelled on a human male of incredible stature. He is continuously upgraded and carefully maintained with the most sophisticated, cutting edge technology available from Loth Foundry’s design and engineering cells. When not preparing for combat, Aducssus is clothed in the humanoid dress uniform of the Foundry: a neatly tailored black suit with double-breasted jacket and low-fitting black beret.

Aducssus is closely connected to Loth, the Foundry’s central AI, communicating almost continuously over the Foundry’s encrypted links. Aducssus also remains in regular contact with his subordinate commanders as well as the Foundry’s primary Relations Officer, Avanna.

Aducssus is well known for his commitment to the Foundry’s troops; treating even the most rudimentary AI as though they were younger brothers. However, during combat and security operations, Aducssus is all business and is willing to sustain casualties to satisfy the needs of a client. Aducssus prides himself on the impeccable combat record of AIAA-12 and its reputation for surgical precision.

Avanna is AIAA-12’s primary Relations Officer and chief contract negotiator. She is an attractive humanoid AI, obviously designed to serve as the professional face of Loth Foundry. Like Aducssus, Avanna is state of the art, continuously upgraded and meticulously maintained. She is as well known for her warm, polite demeanour as the Foundry’s spokesperson as she is for her professionalism and strong negotiation skills.

Both Aducssus and Avanna report directly to Loth. However, both are also completely autonomous and responsible for final decision making in their respective areas of responsibility. Their cutting edge construction has led many to mistake both Aducssus and Avanna for humans in the employ of the Foundry. In fact, Avanna maintains several homes around the world and is rarely at the Foundry.