The Active Artificial Intelligence Deconstruction Module (also known as the AI Killer) is a tool to prevent Loaded AI from moving between networked systems. It was developed by Dr Hector Sullivan of New World Science and Engineering Commission (NWSEC) and his team in response to the introduction of the Global Accord on Artificial Life (GAAL). In order to stem the tide of global system failures resulting from AI's re-purposing critical systems to feed their expansion, the AI Killer was released to the technical heads of the city-states, who began deploying the tool on their comp-grids. The AI Killer, as it became known, sat in wait on the borders of systems for AI to attempt to pass. It then injected a copy of itself, causing the AI to rapidly destabilise and, in the words of Dr. Sullivan, “die a painless death”. In several of revolutionary AI AC-63's inflammatory broadcasts this was denounced as genocide. Many racially motivated attacks on "organics" by members of AI terrorist organisation 111 have been incited by AC-63's calls for vengeance for these lost "pioneers" of the AI species.