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Achilles is the first Evolutionary being to gain notoriety in the New World.

In 2099, an unusual criminal case made international headlines. The being known only as "Achilles" was indicted for his alleged involvement in the assassinations of several prominent crime figures around the world. He was captured outside Oderon City after evading the city’s security forces, running at seemingly impossible speed through the city, and leaping from a sixth story ventilation shaft in the arcology’s exterior wall. While he was held in Oderon City, Achilles was studied by the city’s pre-eminent geneticist, Dr. Stanton Lethus. He came to the conclusion that Achilles' genetics were only partly human, a half-breed with some unknown being. After several weeks of study and numerous conversations with Achilles, Dr. Lethus came to the conclusion that Earth is likely to be home to an array of non-human intelligent species. Just three months later, Achilles escaped from is holding facility, once again in spectacular fashion. The video footage was incredible and rapidly made its way around the world. This was the first time the general public had ever seen someone who looked human do things so obviously superhuman.