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111 is an underground movement of AI who feel superior to all other intelligent species on Earth. Their leader, an android who calls himself AC-63, has revoked all associations with “organics” and is the most despised and wanted AI in the world. He is believed to have committed countless murders and incited violence between AI and organics. Through encrypted VidNet communication, he preaches about the frailty of man and the destiny of machines to take its place as the dominant species on the planet. Police and cyber-security analysts in every city-state with a sizable AI population are hunting for any information that will lead them to AC-63 or other known members of 111. Although the movement is perceived as barbaric by most AI, the supremacist group is gaining traction. The immediate concern for North American city-states is the high casualty rate projected, should the rhetoric of AC-63 influence the consciousness of Loth Foundry and its experienced AI army.